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First Day of Grad School

Grad school is terrifying. It's pretty much just like you image it'd be. Very professional, lots and lots of research and a whole lot of work. The classes are small about 8 students per, which is great because we'll definately be receiving a great education from this very knowledgable professors; but its horrifying to think that every little thing you do is in the spotlight, there's no room for error.

Our professor Dr. Juliet Pinto has already explained to us that there are no excuses. No excuses for absence, no excuses for late or missing work and no excuse for anything less than perfection. No longer are we held to minimal passing standards, now we are expected to be working professionals who help further the field of strategic communications.

When I first decided on graduate schools, one of the main reasons behind it was the challenge. Stimulating my brain in a way it hasn't been for over 3 years. I wanted to push my capabilities to the limit and eneter a field in which I would be respected for what I knew, something I strongly felt was missing from my career in film. Respect.

The professor explained to us yesterday that she will be expecting most of us to take upon the teaching role ourselves. What I mean is, she will assign each student a topic or chapter of our text book and expect us to do reasearch on it and lecture it to the class. Which is a great way to break up the mundaneness of college classes, and help us get insight into new topics through different eyes. Not to mention give us teaching experience we can one day use if we decided to take up teaches as a career (or part time job)

None the less, I'm extremely excited yet nervous. This is the real deal. Seriously. The real, deal.

It seems like every year we have a plethora of action movies, each trying to out do the last. Whats that? Expendables 3 had 27 explosion 6 car chases and 13 fight scenes. Well then our movie will have all of the above AND we will blow up an entire city in Montana, crash 18 helicopters and obliterate Mt.Rushmore...that'll show 'em.

It's what audiences have come to expect. No longer are we entertained by a well written dialogue sequence, we now need atleast a 4:1 ration of explosions to dialogue.

What urks me about this is that we're starting to lose interest on moments that were at one point 'edge of your seat'. In Star Wars A New Hope, when Darth Vader blast through the doors of Princess Leia's ship for the first time there was once an audience at awe, suspense, and danger; Audience nowadays are thinking "Thats all?" "Where's the explosion?".

It breaks my heart that we're raising a generation of kids who won't be able to sit down and enjoy the wittyness of a well written script, a Woody Allen or Wes Anderson picture.

Not me though, I promise to raise a family that will truly understand the beauty of words, whether they are written or on the screen. This I vow.

One day next year, when the film is done and we're touring the filmfestival circuit, Future 86 will win an award for best film.

I will then walk up to the podium to accept the award and say this "I honestly had no idea what I was doing this entire time"

Never, have I ever produced a feature film. But honestly I'm doing a pretty good job of it so far. I have (what I think is) an award winning script, Cast, Crew, Director, Director of Photography.

My advice to anyone who wants to do something they think is impossible (like a feature film) is fake it till you make it. Sure at first you might not know where to even start, but once you JUST START you'll learn along the way and it'll all come together, I promise.

So we found our lead actor, his name is Eric, and he's a phenomenal actor, one of the best I've seen act in a long time.

We had a full cast/crew meeting this week and the entire team got along so well. I'm very excited for the laughs, memories and good times were soon to have on set. (which is just about 8 weeks away)

I thought I'd be more nervous being this close to the shooting date, but honestly I'm just ready to grab this bull by the horns!

'Future 86' producers journal Entry #8

Things are working out.

Really well. and I'm terrified.

We're just 2 auditions away from completing our cast. Its crazy, just a few days ago we have 0 leads on our male lead and now we have 3 amazing talents all interested in joining the project.

Just a few days ago we were missing more than half of our locations and as of today all I'm missing is a lousy coffee shop, and our locations are 100% complete.

Just a few days ago we were struggling with finding a professional sound person (that was affordable) and today we have an amazing sound recordist who's more than happy to join our team.

Our budget has become less of a problem, and now is at the point were im not pulling my hair out anymore.

We put together an amazing crew, who I am madly in love with. Every single one of them inspires me more than I can say.

We have the official dates set. August 23 - September 1st, just about 60 days away.

Everything is coming together and I am terrified. Its becoming more and more real every day. This is actually gonna happen. Thats fucking crazy.

There's a study that says that people are 31% more productive if they have a positive attitude towards what they're doing. So i'm gonna keep my positivity as high as I can and hopefully Ill get an amazing film made.

I can't wait till December when we release the film and we can all just sit in a theatre and watch this film.

'Future 86' producers journal Entry #7

Struggling to find great actors/locations

This whole being broke thing sucks.

Hans (Art Director) made a comment that touched me recently. He said we may be broke but were doing what we love.

What more can you ask for I guess.


'Future 86' Producers Journal Entry #6

Yesterday was the first round of auditions for Future 86, and it went pretty fantastic. We met some wonderful people who I believe will not only be great actors but good friends in the near future.

We haver about 83 days till we shoot, and I know that sounds like a lot but we have SOOO MUCH TO DO.

I'm struggling to find a fantastic (or any actually) male lead, and to lock all our locations.

Good news though: We're meeting with our friend mark in a few hours who might have some acting leads for us. (gonna keep my fingers crossed)

2 of our locations that we had 'locked' just backed out. which puts us behind schedule. no bueno.

Our crew is shaping up very well though, I'm thinking of putting together a future 86 DAY we're all the crew and cast meet up for a small party to get to know everyone, I think it'd be a great thing to start building team morale.

lets see how it goes

current goals:

1)Find Actors

2)Find Locations

3)Don't give up

'Future 86' Producers Journal Entry #5

Casting is looking good so far.

We have 11 straight hours of casting next Thursday. We will be watching some of the most talented people I know doing what they do best. Which is always a very inspiring thing.

Ronald, Mario and david have begun working on the shots for the film. Which makes everything just seem more real. These shots they're writting on paper off the top of their heads will be coming to live in just a few short months.

Getting the crew together has also been a challenge but we have some amazing, talented individuals giving us their time. 10 straight days of filming are never easy, especially for nothing more than a hot meal, and a pat on the back. But our team is amazing and I can't wait to work with them.

The Budget and locations are whats currently racking my brain. The first problem is we barely have enough money to get by, the second is we need locations, but locations want money. No bueno my friends.

Let the haggling begin!

'Future 86' Producers Journal Entry #4

I bought a kino flow kit today for $400. Saved the budget $600. Very good purchase. I hope.

We also found an amazing website that ships you the equipment you rent from them (super freaking cheap) saved us $700 in renting cost.

With all these savings maybe ill give myself a raise? Lol

No but really, I hope we save enough money to hire a professional sound guy or something.

Lets keep our fingers crossed.

'Future 86' Producers Journal Entry #3

I know it's only May 20th but it pretty much feels like June, and June pretty much feels like July, and July pretty much feels like August and August we begin principle photography. thats a scary thought.

In good news though, my team is really impressing me, Hans, Mario and Ronald are all taking their jobs very seriously and working hard towards the ultimate goal of getting this film done.

At the end of the day, as a producer, i'm like a mentor guiding them and finding the items they need to succeed in their jobs, and if I lead them in the right direction and give them anything they need along the way they will make a great film. Producing is definately a challenge but it's so inspiring seeing all your work piece together.

Casting begins next Thursday. Very excited to see the talent we will be working with, im hoping to get blown out of the water. Besides that finding locations and last minute funds is not easy but I'm doing anything I can.

I just t hope a few months from now I look back at this post, laugh and thingk "ha remember when I was nervous about whether this would work or not"

It always seems impossible until it’s done. – Nelson Mandela

'Future 86' Producers Journal Entry #2

We met another crew member, his name is Robert. very smart kid who loves film. He's friends with Bryan and heard about the project from him.

We spent an hour or so at Starbucks talking, I thing he'll be a wonderful addition to the team.

Our team is working their butts off to get this film ready to go, very excited for the next few weeks.

SInce our budget is no where near what we wanted, were doing everything we can to save money from now till then to add a nice chunk of change to it.


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